First Birthday Barbeque

Today we had a barbeque with friends to celebrate Scarlett’s first birthday (which is actually tomorrow).  We don’t really have friends with kids so it was more of an adults’ get together, but bubba still had a great time being centre of attention – she has come such a long way since the days when any stranger would make her burst into tears!

She was having a midday sleep when everyone arrived, so when she finally woke up, she was a little dazed and confused by all the people!  She sooned started enjoying herself when people started plying her with her favourite thing of all time – strawberries!!  She amazed everyone with her ability to put an entire strawberry in her mouth and eat it all in one go! Haha!

Then we headed to the park for cake and presents.  She absolutely DEVOURED her cake, it was hilarious!  Loved it!  The presents were also fun, although the cards appealed to her almost more than the actual presents!

After that she had fun racing around the park and playground, working off all that sugar!

All in all, it was a lovely day and I think she enjoyed herself, so I am happy 🙂  She’s such a wonderful little girl, I still can’t get over the fact that she is so grown up already!

Baking Day

Today mum had a big baking mission day!  I had to (read: took it upon myself to!) make a cake and cupcakes for bubba’s BBQ birthday celebration tomorrow (in honour of her birthday, which is actually on Sunday).  It might not sound like much but it took me all day!  It was kind of exhausting and they definitely look… homemade… but they were made with love and I’m glad I got it done.

Bubba helped by having a good sleep while I got most of the baking done, and then helping to clean the spoon when she woke up 😛

Happy Girl

Bubba was such a happy girl today 🙂  She spent the morning exploring the house again.  Then we had a lot of shopping to do in preparation for her birthday BBQ this weekend and she was such a patient good girl, chatting to the other shoppers and giving them the eye.  Funny chicken.

I love how she explores things with all her senses – including taste.  Everything has to have a little taste test – even cardboard boxes 😛

The Best Toys Aren't Toys

Bubba pretty much gets free run of the house.  I don’t have anything terribly dangerous at her height and if she makes a mess, well…. babies are a terrific excuse for my poor housekeeping skills 😛  I love watching her explore and see the things she finds interesting.  Some of her favourite toys today included – the internet modem, a closed box of screws, a sock and a shoe.  The house is a veritible treasure trove of interesting things when you’re an almost-one year old 🙂


I love it how, when I’m getting bubba changed, she looks down at her naked belly as if she’s never seen it before and pats it.  So cute!

Suddenly Hilarious

The cutest thing happened tonight!

Firstly, bubba was grumbling at me while I tried to make dinner… then she heard Dad’s key turn in the door and she started yelling out and racing over as fast as her little knees and arms could take her to see Dad – it was so cute!!  She was so excited to see Dad!

Then, he went into the bedroom to change out of work clothes, and as he does it he throws his clothes on the dirty clothes pile (cos that’s how we roll).  Bubba has seen him do it a ton of times, but suddenly tonight she decided it was the most hilarious thing EVER!!  She laughed hysterically every time he threw a sock or shirt – I’ve only ever seen her laugh like that when I tickle her, it was SO funny!  Crazy girl!


Bubba likes to play this little sharing game, where she pretends to offer mum or dad her food or dummy, and then finds it hilarious when we pretend to put it in our mouths.  Woe betide us if we actually eat her food though – it’s a game people, bubba doesn’t give away food lightly! 😛


Bubba likes to look out the window and whack on it.  I think it makes a satisfying whacking noise.

Also, she is beautiful 🙂

Also, mum still can’t keep her hands off her camera for longer than about 5 minutes.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually 😛


After a morning playing at home with mum, we headed into the CBD today to meet up with a friend of mum’s who is visiting from Melbourne for the weekend.  Well, she’s actually from the U.S.  And we met in Wellington.  But ya know, that how us jetsetters roll 😛

Anyway, bubba was a very good girl and crawled around the cafe floor chatting up the waitresses while mum had a lovely glass of wine with the girls.  Such a good little monkey 🙂


Today Mum’s birthday present arrived at the door – my very first DSLR (i.e. fancy pants camera :-P).  I’m absolutely in love!!  It arrived late morning so I cranked it out at lunch time for some practice shots of my munchkin munching down on some muesli bars and corn fritters – nom nom.