Weeks 6 to 12 – Nausea

Weeks 6 to 12 of my pregnancy can be summed up in one word:


No vomiting.  Vomiting would almost have been a relief sometimes.  Just constant, all-day, background nausea.  Ironically, it got worse when my stomach was empty – so just when I felt worst, was exactly when I should eat.  Managing such nausea is a subtle art to learn.
Somedays all you want is vegemite on English muffins.  The next day the very thought makes you feel sick, and only salt and vinegar potato chips will do.
And whoever decided to call it “morning” sickness must have been a man! 😛
Just like my book said, the nausea set in just before 6 weeks… and then a few days before 12 weeks, I realised that it was abating.  I was hungry again.  I didn’t feel a constant state of being mildly ill.  And I didn’t feel so deathly tired all the time.
During this period was also when we decided we would stay in Melbourne, and started on the house hunting.
I don’t know why this house has a gun… but it pretty much sums up how I feel about house hunting.  Look at those square, slightly desperate eyes…    
One bedroom apartment ain’t quite gonna cut it anymore.  Maybe it’s my nesting instincts, but I just want a it all sorted, and to be settled.  Right NOW!!
11 week belly… there’s a baby in there… I haven’t just been eating all the pies, honest!