Scarlett’s First Birthday

It was almost a month ago now but I decided it was well past time I wrote a little post about Scarlett’s first birthday!

Her actual birthday is August 12.  But it all started on Friday, August 10 – baking day!!

I made two batches of cupcakes and one decadant chocolate cake, and somehow it managed to take me ALLLLL day!!  Bubba helped out by sleeping while I did most of the baking, and then licking the spoon when she woke up 🙂  By the end of the day I was exhausted and the kitchen was somewhat the worse for wear…

Chaos, anyone?

…but I had done it!!  It wasn’t the beautiful shiny cake I saw so many other friends making… but it was made with love and I was proud of my efforts.

The next day was Scarlett’s birthday BBQ (held the day before her actual birthday because Saturday is just more convenient for people when you live 40 minutes from the CBD).  We don’t really have close friends with children here in Perth yet, so it was more an adult celebration – but hey, Scarlett didn’t mind being the sole centre of attention!

We invited people over for midday in the hope Scarlett would have just woken up from a morning nap… of course she didn’t sleep all morning and was ready for a nap as people were arriving!  The joy of an adult party was that it didn’t matter – she napped and we watched the footy and caught up with everyone for a while.

Once she had woken up, she indulged in her favourite food – strawberries!! – and stunned everyone with her ability to eat a whole strawberry in one mouthful!

Then we headed to the park for cake and cupcakes.  Scarlett absolutely DEMOLISHED her piece of cake!!  She loved it!  She also enjoyed opening all her presents… although she seemed more fascinated by the cards!

After all that sugar, she wriggled off to use off some of that energy!

She had a great day and the adults enjoyed some chats and bevvies after she had konked out for the night, exhausted 🙂

The next day, Saturday 12 August, was her actual birthday.  We just had a quiet day at home, but we saved the pressies from Mum and Dad until her actual birthday to make it a bit special.  She wasn’t quite sure about the dolly, but she loved the name puzzle and especially loved the Bop N Pop lion!  Both the puzzle and the musical lion toy are still some of her favourite things to play with.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those mums that made perfect cakes and made lovely themed decorations and let millions of babies and children run rampant through my house… but I figure I just have to accept that’s not really my style and just make the best of the mum I am.  I think she enjoyed her days and I know she enjoyed her cake! haha!  I think she knows how special she is to us, and I guess that’s what counts, at the end of the day.

Happy birthday once again, my little monkey!  I can’t believe you’re turning into a real little girl now!

Happy First Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

Today, August 12th, is bubba’s actual birthday 🙂  After her big day at her BBQ yesterday, we had a nice quiet family day at home together.  It all worked out well, because it was pouring down today!  We saved our pressies for today to make her day a bit special, I’m really stoked that she seemed to really enjoy them all.  Especially her special puzzle, although at this point the game goes: Scarlett pulls the pieces out, mum or dad put them back in again 😛

She really is such a funny, happy little monkey.  Twelve months ago, I could never have imagined what life was going to be like now.  I had no idea, in the early sleep deprived days of haze, what an incredibly wonderful little girl she was going to turn into.  You were worth every sleepless hour, my sweet little Scarlett.  My love for you knows no bounds, your smile makes my heart burst.

First Birthday Barbeque

Today we had a barbeque with friends to celebrate Scarlett’s first birthday (which is actually tomorrow).  We don’t really have friends with kids so it was more of an adults’ get together, but bubba still had a great time being centre of attention – she has come such a long way since the days when any stranger would make her burst into tears!

She was having a midday sleep when everyone arrived, so when she finally woke up, she was a little dazed and confused by all the people!  She sooned started enjoying herself when people started plying her with her favourite thing of all time – strawberries!!  She amazed everyone with her ability to put an entire strawberry in her mouth and eat it all in one go! Haha!

Then we headed to the park for cake and presents.  She absolutely DEVOURED her cake, it was hilarious!  Loved it!  The presents were also fun, although the cards appealed to her almost more than the actual presents!

After that she had fun racing around the park and playground, working off all that sugar!

All in all, it was a lovely day and I think she enjoyed herself, so I am happy 🙂  She’s such a wonderful little girl, I still can’t get over the fact that she is so grown up already!