Bubba was in such a nutty mood when she came home from daycare last night – chatting away and couldn’t sit still for a second (mind you, when can she ever?!).  Hard work, these crazy little chickens!

Sink Bath

Sometimes, when I’m feeling lazy (ok, quite often) (ok, two nights out of three), instead of running bubba a big bath in the bathtub, I just pop her in the sink for a quick wash after dinner.  She’s getting a bit big for it now really, but it’s just so much easier!  She sits there and plays with the little baby shampoo bottles and tries to eat the soap and the sponge.  Mmmmm, soapy 😛


We had a pretty lazy Sunday today, and I was as lazy with my phototaking as I was with the rest of the day 😛  This is bubba a little bit sleepy but resisting sleep, examining her sock like it’s a foreign object.  Bubba likes to remove her socks.  It’s pretty chilly at the moment but she still likes to pull them off at any opportunity.  I love how she’s looking at it like “what the hell is this and why was it on my foot?!”

Hello Kitty!

One of my crazy bubba’s many little quirks is that she has a “cat voice”.  It’s a special yell that is only directed at the cat.  I like to imagine it means something like “Hey!  Kitty!  Come play with me!”  Unfortunately, Kitty has figured out that coming to play involves her tail being pulled and quickly runs in the other direction!

This is bubba spying kitty outside and pulling out a good old cat voice yell!

The other photos in the gallery show my nutty baby’s wide range of facial expressions – she makes me laugh so much!


We went to mothers’ group this morning at an indoor playground and bubba had a little scoot around – I have to keep my eye on this one these days!  When we got home, she was a very tired bubba and zonked out straight away.

Doing The Grocery Shopping

Thus is the excitement of my life 😛  I have a pretty cute shopping companion though, so I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Bubba is such a good girl when we go shopping now, she loves sitting up like a big girl in the trolley and flirting with the other shoppers 😛