{45/365:2013} Toddler Bed


Today Scarlett had been napping a while when I heard a THUMP and a cry.  Went in to find that, in an effort to get all the dummies she had thrown on the floor, she had toppled head first over the cot rail!  She even had a big red mark on her forehead – poor silly monkey!  S0 I went straight to work converting the cot into a toddler bed!  She doesn’t know how to climb of things yet and I’m a little bit worried about her falling out, but I figure better she fall from bed height than toppling over the side of the cot!  Guess we’ll see how it goes tonight…


And not forgetting today is Valentine’s Day!  I rather thought Daddy C may have forgotten and he left this morning to on a boy’s weekend away.  I obviously didn’t give him nearly enough credit though, because this afternoon there was a knock on the door and this gorgeous basket of flowers were delivered!  Good work my lovely man 🙂




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