{36/365:2013} Daycare Day


Scarlett has only just started walking to daycare all by herself.  I used to carry her in my Ergo, but now she asks for “down! down!” and does it herself.  She’s so proud of herself too 😛  I now allow 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes for the trip (toddlers DAWDLE!) but she loves it.

This series of photos sums up an average daycare day.  A book in the morning with mum.  Mum arriving to find her happily playing with the kitchen toys.  And then an energetic walk home.

I am writing this post about two months in retrospect due to being so behind on my photos.  And I am utterly in love with this series.  Maybe it is because walking to daycare herself was such a new novelty at that point.  Maybe because our daycare lady has just moved house, so these pictures are all that is left of a path we walked together for a full year.  But somehow they are special to me.
















You always know when it’s bin day, cos she walks along going “uh oh bin! uh oh bin!”  She’s quite concerned about all these bins being left out 😛

3136web“Hat! Hat!”


6 thoughts on “{36/365:2013} Daycare Day

  1. Aw, these are so precious! It’s an in depth picture of a day in her life. May these always give you that lovely, warm feeling. She looks so gorgeous in that blue!

  2. What a lovely way to document your little girl not being so little anymore. I love the action shot you have captured, especially the walking shots. She looks so purposeful with her arms striding by her side.
    Scarlett looks so content at her daycare (I’m guessing it’s family daycare?)
    Lovely post Emily. x

    • Thanks so much Amber! I love those walking ones too… feels so much like a little documentary of the little things that make up her day… and her! If you know what I mean 🙂 Yep she goes to family daycare and she loves it, on her days off she always asks for all her little friends 🙂 So nice that she’s so happy there.

  3. Beautiful Emily, as usual! THe colour in your photos is always so vibrant – I can only wish for colours like yours! I enjoy the series of your photos, they really tell the whole story.

    • Thank you so much!! Such a lovely comment, thank you! I certainly do have a thing for vibrant colour 😛 I’m glad you enjoy the series, sometimes I wonder if I should push myself to stick to one per day, but I really like telling the stories of our days, capturing the little things 🙂

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