{31/365:2013} Visiting a Friend


When I fell pregnant with Scarlett, I joined an online mum’s forum, and within it the subforum for those due in August 2011.  The group has since migrated to Facebook, had our ups and downs, lost and gained members – but 1.5 years after the birth of our babies, the core group are still there sharing everything together… which is pretty cool!  I have met a lot of the members of the group, and today one lady from Albany whom I hadn’t met was in Perth, so Scarlett and I headed off to meet her and her little ones.

Scarlett loved having a swim in the pool (gotta go swimming more often!) and riding on the little bike (which was a hotly contested item among the toddlers :-P), and us mums had a nice chat and cup of tea – an all round lovely morning 🙂  My exhausted bubba fell asleep in the car home and I couldn’t resist an angelic sleeping photo 🙂






Scarlett’s little due date buddy.




Such a creepy stalker mummy 😛

2849webS is for Scarlett.  Tee hee hee 😛

4 thoughts on “{31/365:2013} Visiting a Friend

  1. What a wonderful day! Getting together with other Mummas is the best. Your little girl is such a cutie 🙂

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