{366/366:2012} Nana’s Garden


This morning we went to the zoo with Scarlett… which was a bit of a failed mission.  Scarlett was not interested in the animals in the slightest, which surprised me because she loves animals.  I think they were a bit too far away and abstract for her.  She just wanted to run around, but because Wellington Zoo is so hilly, she promptly fell over and grazed her little knees, and spent the rest of the time in Mum’s Ergo, paying zero attention to the animals.  Just as we were about to give up and go home, she fell asleep.  Poor little monkey – I think we’ll try the zoo again when she’s a bit older 🙂

After her nap, she enjoyed doing some pretending “cookEE” (cooking) with Dad outside in nana’s little courtyard garden.  Very adorable to watch the two of them playing together!

After her evening bath, just before Mum and Dad went out to see in the new year, Aunty Mary grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of me and my monkey.  They aren’t stunning of me but I love them anyway because that moment when I get her out of the bath and she’s all wet and naked in my arms has always been a bit special to me 🙂

And so – I made it!  Three hundred and sixty six days of photos!  I will do a nice big summary and reflection post another time, for now I will just say that this photo a day project has literally changed my life, it is the best thing I’ve ever done (well, apart from create an awesome human being that is!) and – the show must go on!  I will be continuing on for a second year of the project.  I hope you continue to enjoy watching the growth of a gorgeous girl… and the growth of a photographer!


Zoo fail!








Omigod, get these people off me! 😛

















6 thoughts on “{366/366:2012} Nana’s Garden

  1. Beautiful photos. And congratulations on finishing your project! I’m very, very glad to hear that it was all worth it, gives me the inspiration to continue. We waited until my daughters second birthday to take her to the zoo, she really enjoyed it.

    • Thanks so much! It is a great feeling – but to be honest, I’ve loved every second of this project and am still loving it, I’ve never found it a struggle to keep going. I’m glad if I was able to inspire you though, for totally selfish reasons – I think you’re an amazing photographer and I want to keep seeing your photos!!

      Yeah we will try the zoo again in a few months I think! I’m looking forward to her getting a bit more enjoyment out of it.

  2. well done on finishing the project. Such an achievement. I can’t wait to see Scarlett grow into a little girl this year 🙂

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