A Day In The Life


I can’t pick just one photo for today, so we’re going to have a little photo story about Scarlett’s day instead!

First up (above), she gets up and is just chillaxin, watchin some teeeevs…

Mum’s got the camera out, as usual, so she cracks her special camera smile:


Then it’s time to head outside and tip the cat biscuits out all over the ground… but she was having so much fun, I couldn’t be mad!


My pretty girl 🙂


In the evening we headed to the park to let off a bit of energy, wearing the beanie she found and insisted on wearing, and carrying Dad’s shoe…. as you do!


She cray-zeh!


4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. wow that is a lot of photos. I wish I could take that many good ones in one day. Love that one with the pet food and the hat made me giggle, my littlest is insisting on wearing a christmas hat at the moment, even with the sweat dripping from her brow she won’t take it off. crazy kids!

    • They’re nuts aren’t they?! Scarlett has a Christmas hat at daycare that she is also obssessed with!

      Hehe and yes I’m terrible, I take WAY too many photos and then can’t pick haha!

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