Cloth Bum


I really really wanted to use cloth nappies.  When I was pregnant, I just assumed I would.  But I have never quite been able to make them work for me.  I’ve gone through periods of almost full time use… but once she hit 12 months, she just wees too damn much!  That girl is a wee factory.  But every now and then I’ll pop one on her again.  Tonight she was wandering around in the evening light in her cloth bum before her bath and I just couldn’t resist snapping a second series of photos for the day.  I don’t usually do much black and white, but some of these images just seemed to call for it…


4 thoughts on “Cloth Bum

  1. oh they are stunning photos!!! the black and whites are gorgeous and love the outline when she is in the doorway! what a cutie we are big cloth nappy users here – about to put my 3rd child into the original set (yay for $$$$$ saved!) they are so cute huh… but yeah i think its a lot about getting into a routine w them and sometimes life or baby just doesnt suit that!

    • Yeah it’s weird, I love everything about them in theory and I’ve tried SO hard to use them… but somehow it’s just never quite clicked for me, I can’t even put my finger on why! She used to get nappy rash in them when she was little, and now she is a REALLY heavy wetter and out-wets them very quickly…

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