When I fell pregnant with my surprise baby, I was in a new city, knew very few people and had pretty much no friends with kids (anywhere!).  So I turned to an online baby forum for support and ended up meeting a wonderful bunch of women in the Due August section.  We eventually migrated from the forum to a Facebook group and almost two years and lots of August babies later, we are still going strong as a group (having made it through  our fair share of ups and downs!).  They are from all over Australia and even some from NZ and the UK, but I feel I have shared this whole massive journey with them and, weirdly enough, my life wouldn’t be the same without my “friends in the computer” (as one mumma’s son put it!).

So we decided to have a big group First Birthday party, and seeing as the biggest concentration of members in one place is in Brisbane, it was to be held there.  So today Scarlett and I set off on our adventure – a 4.5 hour flight from Perth to Brisbane, to meet my virtual mum’s group.

At the airport, while waiting to board, I let bubba race around the terminal, hoping to use up some energy, seeing as I knew she would be cooped up for so long.  After an hour’s drive to the airport, she loved being set free and zoomed around laughing and playing with the silver things on the carpet.

I had dreaded this flight – she is just at that inbetween age, where she’s too old to sit still and calm or sleep the whole way… but she’s too young to be amused by games or books for more than about 5 seconds.  She just wants to be off and moving all the time.  In reality, the flight was… well, really much as I imagined.  She wasn’t “bad” – she was just a 13 month old baby.  I.e. utterly exhausting!  Luckily she slept for an hour in the middle of the flight, which was welcome relief for a frazzled mum!

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