13 Months Today

My little one is 13 months old today!Ā  I love this photo because there is an essence of cheekiness in it that is so her šŸ™‚

After picking her up from daycare, we made a brief stop at the park and I let her play with my car keys and phone while I played with my new lens šŸ™‚Ā  She pulled my keys out of my bag with glee and I would have sworn she said “ca ki” – but her dad says I’m being silly šŸ˜›

We’re off to Brisbane tomorrow to meet lots of mummas and bubbas from my online due-in group (we were all due August 2011)!Ā  I’m very excited!Ā  So the blog will be quiet for a few days but I’m sure I will have lots of fun photos to update when I get back!!

4 thoughts on “13 Months Today

  1. Hey your little one is born 12th of August!? My Lina is 26th August 2011! This age is definitely my favotite… they are so so sweet and cheeky, I could laugh the whole day about her hilarity! Your bubba is to squish… so sweet this little doll!

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