Mum and Dad (A Celebration Post)

This post was inspired by a very sad event.  A member of our lovely 366 project community passed away in a car accident a couple of days ago.  Kerryn was documenting her 2 year old daughter Kiara at .

It served as a stark reminder of many things – to hold our children close, to tell them we love them every day, that life is fleeting and unpredictable and every moment to be cherished.  Which is kind of the point of this project.  To find what there is to be cherished in every day.

We decided that, in honour of Kerryn, we would post photos of ourselves with our babies.  After all, as much as we love pictures of our beautiful little ones, the pictures they will someday hold dear will probably be the ones with their loved ones.

But I don’t want this to be a sad post.  I want this to be a celebration.  A celebration of life, of my lovely little family, of that fact that we get to hold each other every morning and every night.  A celebration of the fact that our little Scarlett has a mum and dad who adore the socks off of her.

You are very very loved, my bubba, and I hope you always know that xxx

3 thoughts on “Mum and Dad (A Celebration Post)

  1. Beautiful words Emily. The pictures are gorgeous, and as we have been reminded, very important.
    They are all lovely, but the last one of the two of you is really special.
    I see happy hearts, full of love 🙂

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