One Small Step

That’s one small step for bubba…

But literally just one step!  We were playing the standing up game – where I stand her up and let go and see how long she can stand before she falls into my arms, it’s a kind of game we play.  Anyway, today she was standing for ages unsupported, much longer than usual.  And then she took a step!  Only one, with her left foot… and then was kind of stuck there, not knowing what to do next, and would either lunge towards me or drop down and crawl.  But still kind of exiting! 🙂

She was much happier today than last week.  She still didn’t go to sleep until the afternoon but was much more enjoyable… although whether she was actually happier or I was just handling things better, I’m not quite sure.  Maybe a bit of both 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Small Step

  1. Clever girl! Glad to hear that she is feeling a little better. There is a theory that children who are having developmental ‘spurts’ (e.g. learning to do something difficult) can be unsettled, as their brains have a lot to deal with. Perhaps it was the imminent first step that was upsetting her? Gotta love a theory 😉

    • You know, a few days ago I said to my partner “this reminds me of how she got really grumpy just before she learnt to crawl”, but he didn’t believe me because she seemed so far off walking!

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