Grizzle Day

Oh man, what a day.

This post is for everyone who frequents this blog and may be under the impression that my bubba is constantly happy 24/7.

Bubba’s dad wont like this one – he hates any photo where she isn’t smiling, especially if she’s upset.  But this one pretty much sums up my day today.

Bubba has been very moody lately.  And by moody, I do mean non-stop grizzling, fighting sleep, just generally challenging.  Today she got up at 7:30 am and didn’t finally FINALLY fall asleep again until 4:30 pm.  She grizzled and grumped and screamed all day.  There were tears – and not just from bubba.

It’s now 6:45 pm and she’s still asleep so I don’t know if she will sleep for the night now or wake up at some strange hour.

Let’s just say today was one to put on the “forget” pile.

I do have to finish with a funny story though… At 4:30 pm, after a big screaming session and a desperate vent phone call to my partner, I gave her a muesli bar and sat her on my lap.  She started eating it and then all of a sudden fell back against my arm with her eyes closed.  She was practically asleep straight away… but her arm was still going up to her mouth and eating the muesli bar!!  After how I was feeling all day, I couldn’t believe I was laughing but it was so funny!  Oh good lord, this parenting thing’s a caper, isn’t it?!

7 thoughts on “Grizzle Day

  1. Oh no! Poor bubba :(. Poor mumma!
    Perhaps she’s teething? Or coming down with something?
    Hope your night is OK and that you have a better day tomorrow.
    Taking care of grumpy babies is no fun. 😦

  2. Oh, yes… I have had many days like that one – especially with daughter num 2… she NEVER slept! She is lucky to have survived, that one. Needless to say she is happy and well now (at 5 years). We invested in an electronic swing when she was an infant, complete lifesaver! I knew she was safe, she was getting rocked, and I could leave the room to recharge for 10 minutes.

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