Food Court

Today we went for a trip to the mall to by treats.  By treat, I mean treats of the shiny variety… an iPad for Dad (I think he already loves it more than me! :-P) and a pretty ring for Mum (anniversary present, lucky Mum :-)).  Bubba was a fairly good girl, chatting away loudly (one shopper turned around because they thought it was a squeaky toy!), although she got a bit grizzly at being confined to the pram, so when we stopped for lunch I let her crawl around the food court, clutching her little Coke bottle tightly.  I got a bit worried that people might think I had actually let her drink the Coke (I didn’t!!)… but it kept her happy while we finished our shopping, so judging eyes be damned I guess!

2 thoughts on “Food Court

  1. She is so adorable!! Those eyes!! I feel like I always put the same comments on your pictures, but it is all I can think when I see her 🙂

    Yeah, let people think what they want. You know and that’s all that matters.

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