Peekaboo With Dad

Bubba was such a happy girl today! 🙂  Playing peekaboo with Dad (hilarious!), being tickled by the tickle monster (hilarious!), and even getting to lick the spoon when Mum was seized by the need to bake (yum!).  What a good Sunday 🙂

4 thoughts on “Peekaboo With Dad

  1. I love the spoon picture! The composition is really excellent, with the angle of her limbs and the light streaming in behind her. Kiddos do take any chance they get to get sweets, don’t they? Mine is the same way. (I can’t believe how big your bubba has gotten since the last time I dropped by your blog!)

    • Thanks Erin! I love that pic too, but I had another licking the spoon picture as my main pic a few days ago 😛 I’m lucky that my chicken would actually pick fruit over cupcakes most days of the week – loves her fruit!
      I can’t believe how big she’s getting either!

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