The Ta Game

Bubba had a new word today… kind of!  She started excitedly calling “Ti! Ti!” as she raced after the cat, which I assumed meant “Kitty” (the cat’s name.  I know – I didn’t name her :-P).

This picture is of bubba enjoying her other “word”, playing the Ta game.  She’s started pulling her hairclip out, and she was handing it to me saying “Ta?  Ta?”  Then when I take it, she says “Ta?”, reaching to take it back.  Apparently this game is hilARious when you’re a one year old 😛

4 thoughts on “The Ta Game

  1. I think Giddy would agree with her there, Mumma Em. Except his game has developed to offering the item, and then pulling is back just as you take it. I love that you have captured her saying ‘Ta!’

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