Happy First Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

Today, August 12th, is bubba’s actual birthday 🙂  After her big day at her BBQ yesterday, we had a nice quiet family day at home together.  It all worked out well, because it was pouring down today!  We saved our pressies for today to make her day a bit special, I’m really stoked that she seemed to really enjoy them all.  Especially her special puzzle, although at this point the game goes: Scarlett pulls the pieces out, mum or dad put them back in again 😛

She really is such a funny, happy little monkey.  Twelve months ago, I could never have imagined what life was going to be like now.  I had no idea, in the early sleep deprived days of haze, what an incredibly wonderful little girl she was going to turn into.  You were worth every sleepless hour, my sweet little Scarlett.  My love for you knows no bounds, your smile makes my heart burst.

3 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

  1. Oh, she is just beautiful! Happy Birthday to your special girl! Children add so much delight to our worlds, don’t they?
    PS: I love her name puzzle.

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