Suddenly Hilarious

The cutest thing happened tonight!

Firstly, bubba was grumbling at me while I tried to make dinner… then she heard Dad’s key turn in the door and she started yelling out and racing over as fast as her little knees and arms could take her to see Dad – it was so cute!!  She was so excited to see Dad!

Then, he went into the bedroom to change out of work clothes, and as he does it he throws his clothes on the dirty clothes pile (cos that’s how we roll).  Bubba has seen him do it a ton of times, but suddenly tonight she decided it was the most hilarious thing EVER!!  She laughed hysterically every time he threw a sock or shirt – I’ve only ever seen her laugh like that when I tickle her, it was SO funny!  Crazy girl!

2 thoughts on “Suddenly Hilarious

  1. What a fun memory to capture. Love the excitement that little ones have for their daddies. 🙂 Isn’t it fun when you start to see their personalities pop out?!

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