Bubba likes to play this little sharing game, where she pretends to offer mum or dad her food or dummy, and then finds it hilarious when we pretend to put it in our mouths.  Woe betide us if we actually eat her food though – it’s a game people, bubba doesn’t give away food lightly! 😛

5 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Awww she is just too cute. What a lovely fun game. I bet she delights in you playing along. I love her hair clipped back with that gorgeous clip. Lovely photo

  2. I love her hair too. My dd had a lot of hair that grew long quickly like that, and we pulled it back with little clips- takes me back. Your girly is such a beautiful baby!

  3. Hi Em,

    Beautiful. I love father-daughter interaction shots!

    And because I am feeling some affinity to you (because you share this photography passion – and a lot of those who I know doing this project via ‘Mamatography’ are into their kids but the photography is secondary; whereas I love my daughter AND I am really into photography, if still learning, of course) I am suddenly feeling moved to share. This week has some of my faves of my daughter and her papa 🙂

    Enjoying browsing through your photos. If you have a flickr account, that might be an easier place to follow my photos (though I am even further behind there than here).

    Loving it. Cheers,

    • You should definitely join our group on FB, there are some AMAZING photographers in there (they put me to shame!) – very inspiring!
      I love daddy shots too, so sweet 🙂
      I’ve been meaning to sign up to Flickr! I’ll let you know when I do! 🙂
      Off to check out your pics!

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