Grubby Shopper

Before I had a baby, I remember seeing little kids with snot on their noses and food all over their face and thinking “oh my gosh, those poor neglected children!”

Today I attempted to do the grocery shopping with a little monkey who really was not in the mood.  The strawberries worked for a few minutes, but they also resulted in pink juice all over her top and face.  The rice cakes then just smooshed into the strawberry juice on her face.  I bet there was lots of silent tut tutting going on!

Eventually I got majorly over it and gave up.  The supermarket will still be there tomorrow.

That evening, I was working in the kitchen and looked down to find…. well, the second photo below.  I guess bubba felt like some sultanas!  Hehe grubby little monkey!

2 thoughts on “Grubby Shopper

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  2. Oh yes, parenting has disabused me of so many things I thought I knew before! There are all kinds of thing I was never going to do or was appalled to see that I now do freely now. He he.

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