Onion Destruction

Today my cheeky monkey got into the pantry and discovered the onions.  After discovering they weren’t nearly as tasty as they look, she left a lovely trail of onion destruction behind her and moved on to greater things.  Cheeky chicken.

4 thoughts on “Onion Destruction

  1. heehee! love that trail of onion skins – how hilarious! ugh i cant imagine biting into the raw onion but i bet she only tried it once! well glad she had fun exploring anway… im sure that low down microwave is also going to see a lot of action!

  2. Mmmm, yummy onion 😉 She looks like she had a lot of fun.
    Have you heard of a ‘treasure basket’? Great for children this age. It’s basically a basket full of natural items (include an onion if you like!) and is an antidote to all the plastic toys they are designed to go in babies mouths.

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