Sink Bath

Sometimes, when I’m feeling lazy (ok, quite often) (ok, two nights out of three), instead of running bubba a big bath in the bathtub, I just pop her in the sink for a quick wash after dinner.  She’s getting a bit big for it now really, but it’s just so much easier!  She sits there and plays with the little baby shampoo bottles and tries to eat the soap and the sponge.  Mmmmm, soapy 😛

6 thoughts on “Sink Bath

  1. She looks adorable in the sink. I have to admit, you are giving me baby fever seeing all these shots of your lil cutie. I never bathed my son in the sink….I need another baby so he/she can do it 🙂

    • I remember when she used to be so small I lay her back in the sink and she didn’t take up the whole thing… her sink bath days are rapidly drawing to a close… makes me a bit sad 😦

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