We went to mothers’ group this morning at an indoor playground and bubba had a little scoot around – I have to keep my eye on this one these days!  When we got home, she was a very tired bubba and zonked out straight away.

5 thoughts on “Zonked

  1. This is how I get her to sleep for every daytime sleep, actually. When she’s tired, as long as I catch it at the right moment, I pop her in the Ergo and walk in circles and she falls asleep fairly quickly. The trick is in transferring her to the cot, but it’s usually successful!

  2. This is such a pretty photo! The light is so nice and I love your framing here. Of course, that precious baby girl just tops it all off- perfection!

    • Aw bless you! This is just a crappy self-taken mobile phone shot, cos it’s all I had to hand! Glad I took it though, it will remind me of all those hours pacing circles in that room 🙂

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