Rocking To Sleep

My bubba gets rocked to sleep.  I follow an instinct driven, attachment parenting style approach.  I’m not in a hurry for her to grow up or to push her into independence… that’ll come soon enough.  I get my cuddles at the end of the day, when I hold her in my arms, look down at her slowly closing eyelids and know she feels safe enough to fall asleep in them.

Tonight I had just started getting her to sleep when I suddenly realised in a panic that I hadn’t taken today’s photo!!  So I dashed into the lounge and got a couple of quick, hazy, haphazard shots – crisis averted!  I haven’t missed a day yet and I’d rather have a fuzzy, slapdash photo than none at all!

Besides, I have hardly any of me and my bubba, so I’m sure I’ll be glad one day I have a photo of me with my sleepy girl.

7 thoughts on “Rocking To Sleep

  1. and i so didn’t mean that to sound rude, which it does. i just mean that i would always choose to capture the moment even if tough lighting or conditions mean your photo might not be as perfect as you want. The memory will be.

    • Hehe it’s ok Dale, I know what you mean and that is definitely my philosophy in this project! There are so many amazing photographers doing this project that it can be easy to feel daunted or embarrassed… but at the end of the day, I just have to remember why I’m doing it, which is for my own memories, which I’m sure I will cherish one day (hey, I already do! :-P)

  2. Love it. It’s just my favourite when I see the mums with their bubs in the photos. And I love your parenting style. I’m a rocking, feeding, cuddling, singing, patting, whatever makes them go down with a smile on their face kinda mum myself.

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