Wreaking Havoc

Bubba was off exploring this morning and I thought she seemed a little quiet… it’s always a worry when they’re too quiet.  Naturally, she was pulling all my damp washing off the clothes horse 😛

Today we went to the furniture store to find some more stuff for our new(ish) house.  One of my favourite purchases of the day would have to be our awesome red rug.  Can’t wait for everything else to be delivered so we can get the house set up and looking nifty!

3 thoughts on “Wreaking Havoc

  1. haha….yes, when they are too quiet we know that means they are up to no good 😉 So hard to get angry though when they’re so darn cute. I don’t know how you are going to discipline her at all with those gorgeous eyes.

  2. Oooh yes the silence quite often means they are up to mischief. Must be so hard getting cranky at her though, she is too cute. What a great photo to look back on and think of all the cheeky but cute things she got up too.

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