Look Ma, One Hand!

Look what I was rather shocked to find when I walked into the kitchen to look for my bubba – standing with only a little bit of support from one hand!!  That was a rather sudden development!  I’m not sure I like it… :-/  She then spent the evening sideways crab walking along the length of the couch.  You’re growing too fast, my bubba!!

4 thoughts on “Look Ma, One Hand!

  1. Ha… just wrote a post about my little doll turned ten months today. And she is doing exactely the same at present. You are right… this is going too, too fast! Lovely bubba 🙂

    • I know, me neither – it’s exciting but sad at the same time :-/ I still think of her as my little baby but she’s not really a baby anymore…. I need another one ;P

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