A Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts for Scarlett.

In the morning, I was watching her lie on the bed playing with her new elephant.  As I watched, I noticed she became fascinated with the three little tags on its head and started practicing grabbing them between her thumb and forefinger with a pincer grip.  She sat there and practiced with such focused concentration, it was quite amazing to watch.

She also had her first go in a high chair – of all places, it was in the staff cafeteria of the Beehive, New Zealand’s parliament building.  We went and had lunch there with Aunty Jessie, who works for one of the MPs.  She managed a bit of a gnaw at a banana before getting grumpy and wanting boob – right when mum was about to eat… as usual!  I swear babies are fitted with mum’s-about-to-eat alarms.

This trip to NZ has also seen bubba’s first outing in a car seat – which was actually on Monday but I took a photo today.  She mostly copes well with it, although she had one outing where she screamed the whole way, which was pretty awful!

I feel like she is growing and changing before my eyes at the moment – it’s pretty amazing to witness, even if it does entail a lot of grizzle!

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