Blogging Is Good, Mkay?


I have to admit, I spend a lot of my time on the computer.  Whenever I’m not doing something with bub, I’m generally on the computer.  Well, unless I have housework to do or am eating… although I have to be honest, sometimes I’m on the computer instead of doing housework and while I’m eating.  I love it, I love the internet, I love blogging, I love social media.  I am a total product of my generation.

But wait – it turns out I’m not just a nerdy lazy bum!  A study has found that blogging actually helps new mums adjust to parenthood and feel happier in their new role.  I know that for me, blogging (and especially this project) keeps both my brain and my creative spirit engaged, makes me feel both connected and self expressed, and helps me remember constantly the good things and magical things about being a new mummy, along with the hard.

It is certainly the case that the village no longer raises the child… but I am glad I was born in an age where this form of self-expression and virtual community is possible.

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