The Sock Wars


Bubba is always managing to wriggle her socks off.

Dad maintains that she doesn’t like socks so mum should just stop putting them on.

Mum says that her feet will get COLD without socks!

And so the sock wars continue 😛


Gallery (click image to view):

5 thoughts on “The Sock Wars

  1. Oh I can totally relate to the sock wars!
    my favourite was grandma’s judgemental comment to my son: “doesn’t your mother put socks on you? poor boy, your feet are freezing!”
    My response, “I put them on – he takes them off. You try!”
    She did.
    I was right.
    great photos as it sums it up perfectly! (FYI: it has got a little better as he got older…… sort of)

    • Haha! I’m glad it’s not just me! It reminded me of how my mum used to always make me take a cardie, no matter how much I protested that I wasn’t cold. Oh dear, am I becoming my mother?? 😛

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