Second Generation Food Lover

We’ve been having a little play with introducing food for a couple of weeks now.  No set mealtimes or anything, just taking it slow and seeing how it goes.  I had intended to do baby led weaning, but I gave her a little taste of food once to see how she liked it and it turns out she LOVES it!  She got the hang of the spoon thing quickly, has never choked or gagged or anything, and swallows most of it without spitting much out.  We’ve only been doing small amounts at a time though.

This morning I thought I would see if some food would solve the grizzles (back in full force without magic Dad around!).  And I couldn’t believe how much she ate!  Just kept opening that little mouth for the spoon and grizzling until I gave her more.  Yum yum!  Pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato mix was a hit!

If loving food is genetic, then I guess it makes sense really 😛

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