Sleeping Beauty

We’re into day 5 of grumble pants bubba today.  Which is exhausting and frustrating for us both.  God only knows what is going on in that little head and body of hers.

But even when the grizzle is driving me round the twist, my heart still melts when I look at her – and no time more so than when I look at her sleeping.  I could just look at that precious sleeping little face all day.  So innocent, so perfect.

I love how she sleeps with both hands up by her head.  She always has, even as a tiny bubba she wouldn’t stand for swaddling, so I soon gave up on that and let her sleep happily, hands held high.  I love how they’re both crooked and at the ready for easy access, just in case she should stir in her sleep – the right one is for thumb sucking, the left one is for head rubbing, and back into sweet sleep she goes.

The sight of that little left hand rubbing away at the side of her head  in that slightly uncoordinated way, little fingers splayed, is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

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