Reading – My First Love

I have always loved reading books.  Even as a child I would rather lie in bed with a book than play outside.  I remember my mum reading me Jane Eyre, and it was the first novel I read on my own.  My favourites are period fiction (the wit of Jane Austin is underappreciated), fantasy fiction, and anything beautifully written.  I love entering another world and getting lost in it.  I love the deft use of words, they way they can paint as if on a canvas and sing as if notes in a song.

My breakfast ritual has always been a favourite part of my day – it used to be a before work ritual, now I strive to maintain it in my new life as a mother.  I wait until bubba is having a snooze or playing happily on her playmat.  Then I make a piece of peanut butter toast (butter melted in, cut into two triangles!) and a steaming cup of hot black tea (no milk, no sugar!) and cozy myself into my little corner with my current book.  It’s even better if there is sun streaming in through the window.  Then I allow myself a quiet few minutes and a few pages while I have my breakfast.

Sun on my shoulders, a book in my hands and the taste of hot strong tea on my tongue – my definition of heaven 🙂

5 thoughts on “Reading – My First Love

  1. Sounds like a great start to the day, I think I need to start doing this each day, well during the school holidays anyhow, but you’ll find my tea disgustingly milky and with 2 sugars mmm

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