Remembering Syndal

Today’s photo is one for posterity – the main group of shops in the Melbourne suburb where we currently live.  How many times I have walked up past these shops on my way home, or popped out amongst them for dinner or snacks.  How much has changed during that time!

I’ve never loved Syndal.  I don’t dislike it… but it’s just your average, quiet, middle class suburb.  But now, with our moving date approaching at rapid pace, I am seeing it through the eyes of the shortly departing.  This is where my belly blossomed and grew, this is where I brought my brand new baby girl back from the hospital, here is the florist where Daddy C bought me flowers on the day of bubba’s birth, here is where I made my first outing with a brand new baby, where I grew in confidence, where I grew into the mum I am today.

So somehow there is bittersweetness to leaving where before there was just excitement.  I’m still mostly excited!  But I also want to remember this place, this quiet corner of the world, where both my self and my baby were born.

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One thought on “Remembering Syndal

  1. We have recently moved as well, and it definitely feels bittersweet.
    The photo definitely imparts a nice feel to the area. You’ll always have some great memories!

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