Learning is Frustrating!

I think bubba is going through a bit of a learning/consolidation/growing phase at the moment.

One reason I think that is because for the last couple of days, she has been pretty much permanently attached to my boob, refusing to sleep unless attached to my boob, and just generally a grumblepants (when not asleep or attached to my boob).  Sound familiar, anyone?

Another reason is that I’ve noticed her doing a couple of things she doesn’t normally do – not big things, just things a mum would notice.  She’s rolled onto her side a couple of times (which is as far as she’s gone to date!).  And when I prop her up into a sitting position against the couch, she has started to lean forward, as if trying to sit herself with less support of the couch.

This picture sums up to me her confusion and frustration at the whole process.  Why isn’t working mum?!

It’s tough being a little bubba!

I tried to take some artsy shots today, but as you can see from the gallery, she was seriously unimpressed at the idea.

Gallery (click image to view):

4 thoughts on “Learning is Frustrating!

  1. Love the look!
    A lot goes on in those little bodies of theirs. What a wonderful Mummy you are to notice and practise patience while your little ones moves through this phase 🙂

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