Playing With Fire

I got the idea for today’s photo from the Melbourne New Years heat wave.  I was trying to think of something I could photograph to represent the heat, which got me thinking about fire.  Which got me thinking about those candles in the cupboard, which I bought for my homebirth which didn’t quite go the way I planned.  Less kumbaya, more epidural.

Anyway, I started playing with the light and I just had so much fun with it.  There truly is something magical about light, especially candlelight.  Once I had fiddled with my camera settings a bit, I was delighted and excited by the wonderful shots I was able to get, collaborating with candlelight.

I especially love the symbolism of the shot I chose as the main photo for today.  The warmth of the light glowing out of the darkness.  Makes me think of the light we all keep lit in our hearts.  May you keep your candle ever burning.

Gallery (click image to view):

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