Hot Night

We have had a hot, sticky start to 2012 here in Melbourne.  Today it got to a sweltering 40 degrees.  I love it – finally, real Australian weather! – but I must admit, I was grateful for our air con!  I stepped outside at 9 pm – it was still 36 degrees, stepping out the door was like oozing yourself into a spa, and a white moon was swimming amongst gum trees in the thick blue twilight.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Night

  1. I live in a part of the US (Texas) that is in the 100s all summer. So your 104 (I think I have that right) sounds familiar for summer. I can’t stand the heat though and also appreciate my air conditioning! It’s fun to think we’re looking at the same moon at different times.

    • I had to google that conversion haha! But yep, looks like you’re right. I’m originally from New Zealand, so this is a bit hotter than I’m used to, but I love it, I’m a big warm weather person. In fact, next month we’re moving to Perth in Western Australia, where the average temperature in *winter* is about 20 degrees, with late 30s to early 40s the summer norm… so I better get used to it! 😛

      That’s so true about the moon, strange to think of!

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