27 Weeks – Hungry, Hormonal, Healthy

Hunger in pregnancy is different from normal hunger, I have found.  Before being pregnant, I could notice my hunger without having to fulfil it, and could ignore it if necessary.  Hunger in pregnancy is HUNGER!  As in, I MUST EAT SOMETHING RIGHT THIS MINUTE hunger.  It is an urgent kind of hunger that absolutely must be filled if you hope to function in any shape or form.  In fact, sometimes I don’t actually know I’m hungry, I just suddenly feel strange, out-of-sorts, incredibly tired and kind of restless… put a big carby feed in front of me (hot chips, steamy pasta, all such good things) and suddenly I’m awake again and feeling a million times better.  I also find myself grazing for hours – I tell ya, this is a hungry little bub!  Even when I’m full, it’s a kind of “yep I’m full but I really could keep eating if I wanted to” kind of full.  Daddy C says that now I know what it’s like to be a boy 😛

I’m aware that so far I may have made pregnancy sound like a completely joyous walk in the park… well, no, it’s not quite rainbows and lollypops 24/7.  Some days you’re happy and on top of the world… but then there are the other days.  The days you feel teary without really knowing why, the days you feel like you’ll smack the next person in the face who comments in any way on the size or shape of your body, the days you feel like you just want to sleep for days and instead have to push your way through a day of work, the days you feel like a giant heffalump, the days you really just want a glass of WINE and can’t have one, the days your partner goes out for a quality evening of drinking beer and getting smashed and you realise that you are never going to have your pre-baby life back ever again.

Of course, when it really comes down to it, you know that this baby is going to be more rewarding than all the partying in the world ever was, and that all the discomforts of pregnancy will be more than worth it when you are holding that very wanted little girl in your arms.  But I think it’s more than normal to have the odd moment of mourning the life you are leaving behind, just as most of the time you are excited and looking forward to the life ahead of you.

Headed to my GP the other day to get referred for a blood test, as I wanted to check my iron levels before I see my midwife next week.  She had a feel of my tummy and confirmed my suspicion that little girl likes to lie with her head down in my pelvis and bum up near my ribs – not so fun for my bladder capacity, but great for the impending exit, so hopefully she continues to favour that position!

The GP also managed to talk me into the 27 week gestational diabetes test, which I had been planning on refusing seeing as I have absolutely zero risk factors (no family history of diabetes, young, slim, not of certain ethnic backgrounds) but at the end of the day, I was going for a blood test anyway so I decided to give that battle up if just to get the GP off my back!  It’s really not a difficult test, they just give you a glucose drink and then take a blood test an hour later to see if your body has processed the glucose normally.  If it hasn’t, then you progress to a more convoluted test.  Luckily mine was all clear and fine, so I don’t think I would do the test again in future as I feel it is unnecessary for me.

  All my other parameters came back normal also, except for my iron, which had dropped dramatically.  I knew babies used up a lot of iron, I just had no idea how much!  So I will be gulping my iron tonic like there is no tomorrow.

But otherwise we are both healthy and happy and growing along well 🙂  Besides getting up 50 million times a night to pee, this pregnancy has been a very healthy and happy one so far – may it continue that way!  I have decided to reduce my work hours down to four days a week, as 40 hours was getting a bit much for my easily exhausted self these days, and I have felt much better and on top of things since then.  I have also begun my nesting, setting up my change table, cot and pram and going shopping for cot linen, which I found rather disproportionately exciting 😛  Hopefully my little girl hasn’t grown a peepee cos she’s got a lot of pink stuff!

The 25 week bellysplosion
26 weeks

27 weeks – definitely preggers now!

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