24 Weeks – Babymoon!

Over the last few weeks, Daddy C and I have taken the (rapidly diminishing) opportunity to take a couple of trips while it’s still just us two.

First we went to Perth for a few days, the Western Australian capital where Daddy C grew up, for St Patrick’s Day.  Daddy C enjoyed lots of Guiness and Mummy Em enjoyed lots of gorgeous sunny weather!

19 weeks pregnant, meeting the locals in sunny Perth!

 Then about a week ago we spent a lovely weekend together in the Gold Coast.  The sun and beach were stunning and we really enjoyed the chance to have a couple of days away together.  I have to admit, it was almost bittersweet… I had this feeling like I was living out something that would become a memory, one I would cherish (with a little bit of longing) in years to come.

Beautiful Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast

 Since then… well back to real life and the babymoon is over! πŸ˜›  My little belly has been growing up a storm!  I’ve even noticed a growing pattern – I get really hungry over the weekend and then on about Tuesday or Wednesday, my belly suddenly looks heaps bigger.  Then I’m not as hungry for a couple of days… and then the pattern repeats!  I even had ligament pain this past weekend, an achy, stretchy feeling in my bump – growing pains, basically!  My uterus is up way past my belly button now, pretty much as high as it can go – so it’s only out from here!

It’s a funny stage of pregnancy, this second half of the second trimester.  All the ultrasound scans are done but it’s not quite countdown time yet… so you just kind of sit and grow!  You have to create your own little  milestones… the first time she jumps on your bladder (today), the first time you get offered a seat on the rush hour train (today… guess I must really look preggers now!), the first time Daddy C is able to feel her from the outside (still to come – I’m looking forward to that!).

At our hospital appointment a couple of weeks ago, the doctor reviewed the notes on my previous pelvic fracture and gave our homebirth the go-ahead – which is very exciting!

It might sound weird, but I was quite happy to learn that my little munchkin is now “viable” – which means she would have a half decent chance of surviving outside the womb with the right care.  The more time goes by, the more I feel like I can really believe that I am really going to have a baby!  She even has hair now, on her head as well as little eyebrows and eyelashes.

A little bub at 24 weeks

As much as I get impatient, time is definitely flying… less than 16 weeks until another little human being joins our lives!

23 weeks

24 weeks – yesterday

3 thoughts on “24 Weeks – Babymoon!

  1. Aw bless, you are welcome, I'm glad it makes you feel that way πŸ™‚ Don't get me wrong, I'm tired, hormonal, ever expanding and sometimes overwhelmed, but I wouldn't change it for the world πŸ™‚

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