22 Weeks – Finally Starting to Look and Feel Pregnant

Over the past couple of weeks I have really become fascinated and in love with my funny little belly!

For one thing, it seems to sometimes have a little overnight growth spurt, none more than when I went to bed at 21+2 with what could have been a little beer-and-pies girl belly and woke up looking… pregnant!

21 weeks 2 days – belly-splosion!

 The other weird thing is that it seems to flucutate – sometimes it looks more pregnant than others.  I think it depends a lot on what I’m wearing, but also maybe has to do with the position the baby is lying in.  I’ve noticed that it looks a lot smaller and flatter after I’ve done yoga – maybe yoga puts the baby into a more vertical position or something.

Here’s a little timeline to illustrate:

20 weeks 2 days

21 weeks – I think I had just done yoga before taking this picture

21 weeks 3 days – Three days later… pointy belly!

22 weeks – today!

I’ve also noticed that my normally deep belly button has become a lot shallower – I tried to point this out to Daddy C in fascination but he just looked vaguely horrified and didn’t want to hear anymore about it!  Haha – boys are so funny!

One thing is for sure though – I love my little growing bump!  Having always been fairly slim, having a belly is quite a strange novelty to me, but I love watching it change and grow, because it means my little girl is healthy and strong and getting big enough to meet me šŸ™‚

I’m also getting movements every day, multiple times a day now, which I LOVE!  I love feeling her move around in there and knowing she is active and healthy.  She is definitely getting stronger these days and finding weird places to nudge me in.  She even seems to be big enough to nudge me in two places at once sometimes, and sometimes I have a really weird sensation that I assume is her doing a little flip or something.  It’s very exciting and I can’t wait until her little nudges are full blown kicks that Daddy C can feel from the outside!

Tomorrow I have a hospital clinic appointment, at which I hear what they managed to find out from the NZ hospitals about my prior pelvis fractures.  My lovely independant midwife is coming with me so we can make a birth plan with the knowledge, as well as Daddy C for some moral support.  I really hope the news is good and I can continue with my plan to homebirth, but I’m trying to be at peace with the fact that, as Daddy C always reminds me, “whatever will be, will be”

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