12 weeks 3 days – My Wriggly Little Bean!

This morning was the longest morning of my LIFE!!

My scan was scheduled for 2:30 pm.  I was SO anxious!

What if something was wrong… what if nothing was there and I had been imagining it all??

I just couldn’t fathom that a tiny little human bean was actually inside me…

EVENTUALLY the time finally rolled around and I was lying on the doctors bed with jelly on my anxiety-makingly flat tummy.

A couple of days ago I thought I felt a movement… it was way down low near my pubic bone and felt like a little “flip”…

… the doctor put the probe right on the exact spot where I had felt the sensation and there was my baby!!

It was in an awkward position at first, so it considerately did a complete flip so we could see it better 🙂

Little arms and legs all moving around, nice strong heartrate of 154 bpm.  We saw the brain and stomach and bladder – and the risk of Downs is ridiculously small at 1:13700!

Even the doctor said “that is an excellent scan, congrats” 🙂

It felt so surreal seeing it on the screen… there is actually a baby inside my abdomen!  Now that I am not feeling sick anymore but my tummy is still barely showing, it has felt so unreal… now I look down at my tummy and have the images of that little bean in my head and know it’s really in there!

Judging by the size of baby, the doctor put me at 12 weeks 3 days – which is only 2 days off the original estimate, making my due date around August 8th.

12 week belly – there’s a baby in there, honest!!

And a little backwards mathematics teaches us all an important lesson… copious quantities of beer, pizza and playstation are not a contraceptive.  Consider yourself warned!

Pregnancy – The Ultimate Beer Belly?

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