5 Weeks 6 Days – Starting to Feel Real

A week after I found out my Up The Duff status, I think it is finally starting to sink in and feel real.

Part of that may have to do with the million pregnancy tests I have done, the last of which was a digital one which tells you how long it has been since conception.  I did one of those last week and then did one tonight, and the one I did tonight shows I am further along than I was last week.  So I am finally feeling convinced that baby is growing and safe and everything is ok!

The realness may also be related to the fact that I have started to feel queasy.  Up until now I have felt completely fine.  Yesterday my stomach felt a bit niggly.  Tonight I feel gross.  Yucky and nauseous and nothing I can think of makes it better.  Eating, not eating, peppermint tea… I just feel a bit yuck.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t last long or get worse!

I told my mum a couple of nights ago.  She was ecstatic!!  So now my man and my mum and my sisters know.  Seeing as it’s so early days, I want to try and wait a bit longer before it becomes common knowledge.  I just know I’m not going to last until the 12 week mark though… it’s going to burst out sooner rather than later 😛

I can’t wait for the 12 week scan, which will probably be at the end of January.  Hopefully that will make it seem that much more real – and I will know that bubby is well and safe!

5 1/2 week belly – i.e. pretty much all Em and not much baby! 😛

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